This morning our power was off

We live in South Australia

This morning our power was off - reportage outage for another three-hours. I had to make instant coffee on our gas burner - our beaut coffee maker-foaming hot milk apparatus being electricity did not go on. Yesterday, as we do every other day, we went to our aqua Zumba class and to the gym.

We live in South Australia. The other states have all sorts of lock-downs. My son in Melbourne as all others cannot go to the gym - we on the other hand have been going throughout the Covid-19 thingy. How lucky! Re. the power outage - very rare. I don't even remember the last time it was down. I still power up my computer via battery - I still have Wi-Fi on my computer via Personal Hot spot from my latest magical phone. I still have coffee, how be it, not as nice as the espresso machine. Life is wonderful. I am so sorry for the rest of the world where power is often non-existence, where coffee is a once long-ago dream, where lock-down keeps people within their neighbourhood (like the rest of Australia) where life is just so difficult. So lucky to live in Adelaide - why don't you come and stay with us. The caravan is like a spare house, we have a large tent to put up in the backyard for the rest of you. Life is good here. We would love to share it with you.

In the meantime, read my book ‘Leaving Australia’ Book 1 or Book 2. Thanks mate!